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INDOOR GPS Gives You 360° of Freedom...
AUTOMATED JOIN Control, align and join large sub-assemblies (assisted assembly/determinant assembly)
TOOLING INSPECTION Automate routine tooling inspection
REVERSE ENGINEERING Reverse engineer key parts and aircraft components
REAL TIME MONITORING Monitor real-time deformation during construction, assembly and maintenance
MOTION TRACKING Track and navigate production and maintenance cranes, robots, and other moving machinery and tools
ASSET TRACKING Record and monitor location of stored tooling, material, and other assets (enabling aircraft moving assembly lines)
ALIGNMENT Align critical aircraft mounted sensors (e.g., Bore sight Alignment)
FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATIONS Configure a factory-wide installation or smaller "work cell" installations (permanent or portable)
INDOOR GPS ENABLED DEVICES Integrate INDOOR GPS sensors with other devices such as Line Scanners, Gap Sensors, hand tools, NDE devices.
The benefits of INDOOR GPS include
LOWER COSTS Flexible assembly, join and alignment options for aircraft manufacturers--resulting in lower fixed tooling and jig costs
LARGE SCALE PRECISION Highly accurate measurements in large areas - reducing the need for multiple setups and "leapfrogging"
MULTI-USER CAPABILITY Delivers a lower cost per user than traditional CMMs, Laser Trackers or Measurement Arms
BETTER CONTROL A factory-wide coordinate frame that allows monitoring of position information from an unlimited number of INDOOR GPS sensors-resulting in tighter control of the assembly process
SCALABLE A scalable system configuration-allows INDOOR GPS to be installed as work cell or factory-wide solution
FLEXIBILITY A flexible system configuration-allows INDOOR GPS to be used in both fixed and portable configurations