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INDOOR GPS Gives You 360° of Freedom...
ELIMINATE LEAPFROGGING Measure and Inspect large parts, without having to move and re-setup equipment. Eliminate the negative impact of leapfrogging to accuracy and productivity
INLINE INSPECTION Take part inspection out of the quality lab and to the assembly line or the ship yard. Verify dimensional accuracy of tooling jigs and job parts.
MOTION CONTROL Monitor the position and accuracy of your cranes and transport systems 24/7!
INDOOR GPS ENABLED TOOLS Integrate INDOOR GPS sensors with other measurement devices
REAL TIME MONITORING Monitor key points on fixed tooling and jigs and instantly be alerted as tolerance problems occur
ALIGNMENT Control alignment and installation of equipment and machinery
LAYOUT Reconfigure and layout work cells
AS-BUILTING As-built / map key in-place equipment (e.g., piping)
FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION Configure INDOOR GPS in factory wide or smaller "work cell" installations (permanent or portable)
INDOOR GPS Gives You 360° of Freedom...
ACCURACY Higher measurement accuracy through elimination of multiple setups and leapfrogging
MULTI-USER Delivers a lower cost per user than traditional CMMs, Laser Trackers or Measurement Arms
RUGGED Reliability in "real world conditions." Environmental effects on accuracy are much lower with INDOOR GPS than with interferometric or time-of-flight based measurement systems
UNLIMITED A universal coordinate frame allows you to tie in information from an unlimited number of INDOOR GPS sensors in the work area all referenced within a universal, factory coordinate system.
FLEXIBILITY INDOOR GPS can be configured for both factory and maintenance environments (fixed and portable configurations as well as indoor and outdoor environments)