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INDOOR/OUTDOOR OPERATION System works both inside and outside.
EXPANDABLE Large measurement volume per setup (up to 150m X 150m with 4 transmitters ? expandable with additional transmitters).
MULTIPLE USERS Supports multiple, simultaneous users.
INSTANT RE-AQUISITION Instant re-acquisition of signal after a line-of-site interruption.
FAST UPDATE RATES Update rates of up to 40hz.
ACCURACY Millimeter level accuracy for static measurements, sub-centimeter for dynamic measurements.
FAST AND EASY SETUP Fast and easy set-up (5-10 minutes).
EASE OF USE Designed to be used by experts and non-experts alike.
PORTABLE Man portable, small and lightweight.
EASY INTEGRATION Easy to integrate with other sensor types.
POWERFUL SDK Powerful SDK available for integration and customization with a variety of geophysical sensors.
RUGGEDABILITY Highly resistant to environmental factors including rain, dust, sunlight, and radio or magnetic interference.
Sample Geophysical Mapping Applications
General surveying, discrimination, and reacquisition of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).
Countermine equipment tracking and testing.
Radiation and decontamination surveys.
As-built surveys of underground utilities.
Robotic control and navigation of equipment in hazardous environments.