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INDOOR/OUTDOOR OPERATION System supports either indoor or outdoor use or both (e.g., seamlessly supports tracking of objects moving from indoors to outdoors or outdoors to indoors).
LARGE MEASUREMENT VOLUMES Large measurement volumes possible ? including facility-wide (indoor / outdoor transitions, room-to-room). Areas as large as 500m X 500m can be supported.
SIMULTANEOUS TRACKING Simultaneous tracking of unlimited number of objects (vehicles, robots, etc.)
REDUCED POSITION DROP-OUTS Specific transmitter and receiver configurations offer redundancy to greatly reduce position drop-outs due to visual obstructions.
INSTANT REACQUISITION OF SIGNAL Instant reacquisition of signal if line-of-site temporarily interrupted (e.g., passing objects).
FAST UPDATE RATES Update rates up to 40Hz for real-time navigation, higher for post processed tracking applications.
ACCURACY Sub-millimeter level accuracy for static measurements, sub-centimeter for dynamic measurements.
PERMANENT CONFIGURATIONS Systems can be permanently installed in outdoor or indoor facilities.
EASE OF USE Designed to be used by experts and non-experts alike.
PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT SENSORS Small and lightweight sensors ? easily integrated with other vehicle and robot systems. Transmitter can be used in portable as well as permanent configurations (transmitters can be battery operated).
RUGGED COMPONENTS Rugged components ? highly resistant to external environment factors, including rain, dust, sunlight, and radio or magnetic interference.
POWERFUL SDK Powerful SDK available for integration and customization with a variety of geophysical sensors.
Scale model testing and tracking.
Position control for crane lift operations ? including precise payload positioning.
Real-time tracking for autonomous vehicle navigation and mobile robots.
High-accuracy positioning for robotic tools (e.g., drilling, cutting, welding).
Tracking and navigation of vehicles in hazardous environments unsuitable for human operators.